And then it was time for Big School

Dear Nitya,

You started school today. (Well.. Jan 30th but then.. I’ve never been one to be on top of paperwork.)

The countdown began about 200 days ago. While you enjoyed kinder and everyday rushed out the door eager to get there and do your thing, school was beginning to look super exciting (and you used to add super to all your adjectives at this stage).

So when the day arrived, your Vellimma was here visiting. You got dressed in your blue checked school uniform dress and your black shoes and white socks. Put on your bag that could have easily (maybe not so easily) fitted you. The hat was too big. I got it a size too big and when you put it on, you could not see anything unless you stuck your nose in the air. Your hair was brushed and tied up. It was too long, I had not managed to fit in a visit to the hairdresser.

We took the photos in front of the house and outside school. Keala was there and one of the first photos to go on FB was one of you and Keala holding on and standing next to each other like your life depended on it. Then it was time to meet your teacher Sheena Angus. Within a day or so, you told me that you were “in love” with her but had not told her yet.

You told me that you sat next to Keala. Phillip asked to see your lunch box and said “Cool”.

Second day, you told me that you had art class and that you Loved it. The art teacher (whose name we do not know at this stage, fourth day of school) said that your painting was so good, she wished she could take it home. Your teacher commented on this as well.

On the third day, you had music class and when the teacher asked if anyone played any instruments, you put your hand up and said that you knew how to play the piano. You played the Minuetto. You said that you played without any mistakes and that the teacher was very impressed. And he asked everyone to give you a big round of Acclause! (I did not correct you) I wanted you to be a baby still. I just could not let it go …yet.

I have dropped you off at school after dropping Nikhil off at kinder and that’s when I realised that I had so much to remember about these days, that I had better write it down and remember who special each moment was so that I could read and re-remember all of it again.

So while I have written this as a letter to you, it’s more of a letter to me.

Love M


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