R.I.P Jacintha Saldanha

I am very saddened by this news which continues to play out in the media all over the world. Everything from the parents  of the victim  to the ethics of media are being discussed. It would seem that there is nothing more to be said.

What I am really curious to know is this. Jacinta passed on the call sure but there is nothing anywhere about the nurse who went on to give all the details to the pranksters from Australia. Who is she? I don’t think I’ve even seen her name anywhere in the press. She is one that gave out all the details and, possibly being from the UK, failed to detect the fake accent.

Why did Jacinta who said all of “I’ll connect you” or something to that effect feel that she had to take here life (allegedly) while the second nurse has managed such annonymity?

Ok. I agree I have only questions here but I’ve been in a position where forces greater than me have used those on the lower rung to cover their mistakes. I remember being fired from one of my first jobs in Australia because I did not meet sales targets. I was given all kinds of assurances which were not assurances at all but just thinly veiled threats.

Here I go from questions to hypothesis. I feel that Jacinta was victimised first  by the pranksters and once again by those in management. They must have told her that they would stand behind her if an enquiry into the incident showed that she had come out with shining colours. Of course, she knew that they would find a way to ensure that she would not come out with flying colours.

I have worked in jobs where I would have had to potentially come to directly speak with those who had lost loved ones. This can be a very traumatic experience and the company policy was to provide full and unflinching support to those who came to be in such a situation. However, when I did find myself in that situation, I found that the letter and spirit of the company policy where completely at odds with each other. I did not feel that I had to take my life but I did feel a sense of betrayal that would, had I been in a different frame of mind, have led to such a step. I have no doubt about it.

Knowing that Jacinta comes from a region where suicides rates are high by any standards, it seems likely that she would have been pushed over with something like this which would have caused immense loss of face at the workplace.

I will not go on to speculate about the involvement of the royal family in this.

I pray for her family. I pray for her children who have lost a mother. I pray for the family that will forever be left doubting what they could have done differently so they would still have their wife, mother, daughter still with them.



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