Talking heads

Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

Racism is a subject that is either used or abused in the media. Very rarely is coherent argument possible when one brings up the subject of race. It’s a little bit or very much like religion in this regard.

There has been a lot of references to racism in the Australian media recently. All of them scattered and unrelated. This is what bothers me.

It seems that racism can actually affect your health. In other words, experiences of racism has been shown to have psychological effect on a person’s well-being. This is probably nothing new to many of us who’ve experienced one form of racism or another.

In India, Australia is known for very little other than being racist. For this reason, Indians in Australia are at pains to explain what a wonderful country Australia is and that racism is just a minority view. I beg to differ. However, I would like to state that this point that the kind of racist abuse that I have experienced in India far outweighs and outnumbers those that I have had here in Australia. I would like this to be the basis for the rest of this article.

So, having experienced relentless and open discrimination in India, I find that the Australian form of racism is far more institutionalised. This, to the average person, means that they will very rarely experience racism in a way that can be documented.

It will be in the way that promotions may bypass you or jobs always to go another person. There will always be a justifiable reason why it so happened that you did not get that position or raise.

In this regard, Australian racism has to be tackled from the top. Why don’t we have someone from a minority community ( I refuse the tag of ethnic community by the way) as Prime Minister? Why are there no non-white faces in the Cabinet, media, theatre, art, music and in any other insitution.

We should start by making our voices heard politically. This, I’m happy to say, is happening. 

I have to cut short my thoughts at this stage. 


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