The three photos

Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.

This is a tough one. I had the cursor blinking at the top of the page for a while before I could organise my thoughts.

OK. Subject that you are familiar with :: Kitchen

Three photos :: The side facing the stove, side facing the garden and finally, the side that has a door leading out into the garden.

I love my kitchen. It’s a little bit like a tunnel in that it’s a long room but with windows all around and the light always seen from the other end. The side that has the stove has a set of shelves about my height off to one side and below it there is some area for working. On the other side of the stove is a some more bench space and then the sink. Above these areas are shelves where I keep the cups, glasses and the martini glasses. I just like the look of martini glasses out in the open… like I have a cocktail hour every day and I need them within easy reach. The martini glasses are joined by oversize red wine glasses. They stand like guards over looking the sink. The party girl impatiently tapping her toes while the mum cleans up the sink.(I can’t expand on that thought too coherently here).

If i were to to run around from the stove and turn a little to my left, I would be looking through a window. This window is one of my favorite features as it perfectly frames the wide patch of lawn that adjoins the kitchen. It’s my favorite feature because if anyone were to be sitting outside or if my children were to be playing outside, this window captures that moment like a frame. It’s like watch an old home video. The scenes are boring and familiar and oh so comforting. Like my daughter sitting on a little table with my son and teaching him manners. Sometimes I see them just sitting side by side saying nothing. Otherwise, I see them playing some imaginary game or the other..usually this involves their teddies doing a Big One and they are changing nappies.

The third one is my second feavourite feature. If I were to walk past the shelves of martini glasses perched above the sink, I would pass the fridge with the washing machine tucked next to it. Past the washing amchine is a door that leads outside. This door is mostly glass in that the from the top till well past my hips, it’s a big glass frame. So I can always see outside from this side of my kitchen. The best part of this is that it perfectly frames the lemon tree outside. I can see the lemons growing plumper by the day and just when you think, it’s going to burst it turns green and holds that moment for a few days. Then incredibly, it starts to turn yellow slowly and with aching loveliness.

So there. That is my kitchen. It’s very familiar to me. And I doubt it makes for an arresting read. But I have to say, I’m glad I captured it in words. It is something I could look back and savour.


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