You’ve done well … if;

Another attempt at writing from the prompt and not stopping to edit and publishing it before I change my mind.


At 53, you can read a book from start to finish in one day.

At 53, you are a published author. So maybe it’s only one book.

At 53, your heart still constricts with joy when you talk to you daughter. She drives, cooks, goes for holidays. “chats” with her brother.

At 53, your son make your heart skip a beat with pride and joy.

At 53, you made Auzone work.

At 53, your parents’ negativity don’t touch your heart anymore.

At 53, you love the sight of Melbourne skyline from the end of your street. (I never want to leave Williamstown. It’s the one place that Siddharth and I are equally in love with.)

At 53, you are still amazed at the sight of oceans liner float by when you go for your morning walk and you pause doing what you are doing when you hear that booming honk of the ships. (maybe i’ll have time to find out if it’s a honk or if there is another word for it.)

At 53, you have enough of an extended circle of friends that yo have children to baby-sit.

At 53, you feel like going out dancing.

You still like Op-shops? You still don’t have that garden. You still don’t grow your own veggies? And what the hell woman!! you are still blogging???? People have moved on y’know.

But life is good. I know it will be. Because I know so.


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