Minefield of toddler conversation

“I like Play School.” Play School = child care

Baby is warmly ensconed in her car seat hugging her water bottle. We are on her way back from child care so Halelujah!

It is a relevant thought expressed in a full and grammatically coherent and correct sentence.

“Really? That is great.” I say in my Shrink Voice from behind the wheel.

“I like Jaxsen.”

“That’s nice. Why do you like him?”

“We play together.”

“Did you play with him in the sand pit?” That is her favourite spot.

“No. Jaxsen fell down today.” Ok. Abrupt change but that is alright. “Jaxsen crying. Wah Wah. Jaxsen’s mommy came in a car.”

“Oh no. Was he hurt? Did he have vaavu?” Vaavu = injury

“Mum! Go and play with blocks!”



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