Random Act of Super Kindness

A trip to the supermarket can be such a challenge with one baby who does not walk and another who only runs — away from you.

To make matters worse, it was raining and the One Who Runs decided she did not want to get out of the car. So after spending a long two minutes negotiating with the little she-devil  baby while my back got drenched, I had to walk into a supermarket (not my regular one) that only had the coin operated trolleys. And of course I would not have any coins with me. And of course little Big Baby would want that very same trolley that she could not have. I was going to just sit down on the wet floor and weep brave it out without a trolley when the lady who was about to take the trolley in front of me changed her mind and asked me if I wanted her dollar and offered it to me, making a vague gesture towards the kids!

I was so stunned I just took the dollar and arranged the kids in the trolley. Once that was done I darted from aisle to aisle looking for this lady so I could offer some way of returning the dollar. Sounds silly now that I write it.

Anydollar, I found her and she waved away my offers to pay her back and said “I know how it is with little ones.” I almost cried. I was just having one of those days, and that’s all I needed really.

I just needed a pat on my back.

Go on, call me needy and I’ll hunt you down and smoke you out.

To end the story, I left the trolley with the dollar in it as a sort of pay it forward.


4 responses to “Random Act of Super Kindness

  1. The kindness of strangers is always so reaffirming. This story makes my day brighter too 🙂

  2. Beks: Glad I brightened your day by just by sitting at my computer and telling my story. Hope the second pregancy is treating you well.

    M2, Thanks.

  3. T, you did great and what a fantastic read this was! 🙂

    Ps. Well done on leaving the trolley with the dollar in it. Some more good karma coming ur way!

    Pps. I know of this supermarket with coin operated trolleys only and like I was telling m2, they sure have lost me as a customer!

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