Do we just become our parents?

I mean is that all there is to evolution? Some days, when DH complains about some aspect of my parenting, it’s shocking how he sounds exactly like me complaining to my mum!!! Arghhh!

I try. I know I’ve given my mum a really hard time in life and probably am still doing it and only I know how much I’ve changed since little Baby came along into my life. But honestly… do we really just become our parents?

DH snapped at me the other day saying: Just cuddle her, you can tidy up later. In my defence, when only one child is crying, I don’t consider it a crisis. It’s when both are crying that I feel the need to drop everything and become Consoluer (I just made up that word).

On a happy note, we seem to be recovering and there is even a dinner with my mum’s group next weekend. OK so it was meant to be a weekend away… Whatever!



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