Busting stress

I’ve been stressing about Baby not taking the bottle for a while now

While he is a great feeder (quick and efficient) and a great eater (eats pretty much anything), he has been adamant about not taking the bottle.

Went to the maternal health nurse today who said that I should just give up on the whole enterprise because in a couple of months, I would be stressing about how to take him off the bottle. Instead, I have been advised to try and get him to use a sippy cup.

So goodbye to one stress … but am I setting myself up for another stressful project?


One response to “Busting stress

  1. Hey I’ve been loving these angst-y posts of yours. Not facing exactly the same dilemmas but have definitely been questioning myself, which is I suppose a very young mother-ish thing to do.
    Aditi moved to a sippy cup very easily. I guess she was ready for it so hopefully Baby is too 🙂

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