Mums don’t ask for help

DH says I don’t ask for help. With the children I mean.

He does have a point. If I need to have a night out, DH immediately plans for a day out for the kids. Preferrably at a place where there are other children, women to keep an eye on them. On the other hand, when DH has to stay out late, the thought does not cross my mind. I may keep bath short or skip it, but would not really think of enlisting the help of others to make the night easier on me.

Is this all mums or just me? I know of friends whose partner have had to go away for a couple of days but I don’t really think they got friends to stay over to help out with the children/child.

I think it is true. I think we have created a culture where mums are not mums if they are not control freaks. I, for example, have to pack a snack, a drink, a towel, extra pairs of clothes etc when venturing out. DH, on the other hand, will think nothing of picking up the children and going for a walk to the park with absolutely NO reinforcements.

Is it so bad if the clothes are stained? If they go thirsty for a bit? If they throw the odd trantrum? I know I’m not very judgemental of other mums but can all mums say the same?


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