Squeaky clean

I find myself cleaning a lot nowadays. If it’s not the kitchen, it’s the dishes or the floor or high chairs, tables, little faces, noses and fingers.

It’s only natural but my daughter is manic about cleanliness too. She obviously sees me cleaning all the time. At other people’s houses, she cleans the table when she is done, shrilly demanding: “Tishooe Tishooe”. Everyone think its very sweet and she, ever eager to please, starts cleaning more and more objects and people around her.

My problem with this is that if a woman is finicky about cleanliness, she will end up cleaning for all those around her. If a man is finicky, he will just clean his stuff and get accolades for just keeping it together. So since my second is a son, I have a choice either to tell my daughter to take it easy when it comes to cleanliness or tell my son to be cleaner than clean.

I’m not making sense. I need to sleep.


4 responses to “Squeaky clean

  1. Many years ago, Mom asked if she should open her own cleaning business. Given how manic she was about scrubbing the house, it seemed soooooo natural to say yes. So that’s what my little brother and I said, and that’s what she did, and she was a big ol’ success story. Sometimes it is that simple.

  2. I don’t have kids but I find myself in complete agreement with your statement about gender-based accolades that are delivered viz-a-viz cleanliness. IM & I are always having these stare-downs where we come across an unkempt area, & try to figure out who made it so and whose responsibility it is to straighten it up.
    I am naturally averse to exerting myself but am even more averse to gender assigned labour.

  3. Thank you, ME and nice to hear from you! I still haven’t thought out a solution to this problem and already I have people shaking their head indulgently at Son’s very very messy ways… Now why would he change if it’s all going his way even when he is being very very bad?

  4. K likes to
    Clean too! I wld like to raise a boy who is ‘clean ‘ generally…
    but are girls jut expected to be clean whereas boys not really ?!?

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