Am I a bad person?

I’m given to excruciating periods of self-analysis. Its excrutiating because it’s rarely a self-esteem-building exercise.

During one such period of self-flagalation, I came to the conclusion that I was a very jealous person. A Significant Other in my life has also since validated this position. However, I’m not jealous in the more traditional sense. I am not a jealous spouse. I’m not even jealous of people being richer, prettier or better dressed.

I will seethe with jealousy if my mother were to say how close she is to a cousin or daughter of a friend who is around my age. I am jealous about my mother, brother and certain very specific friends. DH could talk to as many skinny models as he likes and I would not turn remotely green.

Being jealous of someone is not a good thing. It rarely manifests in a positive way.

I’ve just read through this post and realised that I’m pocessive (and jealousy does play a role in that I suppose) but pocessive is a more accurate description.

Now the question that I ask myself is: Does that make me a bad person? And will my daughter be like me? How can I help her handle it better than I did? Do mothers and daughters talk about such things outside a Hollywood script?


3 responses to “Am I a bad person?

  1. I dunno anyone in who is not jealous or hasn’t been pocessive abt something in their life….I think this is just normal behaviour!! I wish I cld be like u and not be jealous abt so many things and instead only over a few things

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