A whole other ball game

I am so so behind on my posts that, under the circumstances, the only appropriate thing to do seems to be to ignore the big gap and plough (?) on.

Having a second child is a whole other ball game.

Not a new one because obvioulsy you’ve had one child already. For one, you know what is going to come, starting from how bad that feeling of actually “pushing” out a baby is. You remember all the associated discomforts before, during and after the Fact.

The flip side to that is being more prepared for all the late nights. We are more prepared for a child that cries at all hours, who play when they should sleep and sleep when they should play. Where I would have been tearing out my hair with the first one, I find a deep sense of que sera sera — (I can’t find the word I’m looking for). Inevitability. I think that is it. — settling over me when BubII refuses to go down quietly for his nap.  

I am prepared and indeed resigned to forgoing the luxury of an uninterrupted night’s sleep — I”m talking six to seven hours here — for a good couple of years. If it’s not hunger, it teething. If it’s not teething it’s hunger. And if it’s not either then, you can be sure that they will wake up just to prove that parenting is not for the faint hearted.

I’m having fun though… on most days and today is one of them. Not least because they’ve both had seriously long naps!


3 responses to “A whole other ball game

  1. You know I somehow missed the “new baby” part of your previous post – congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Beks. I believe I did not really post on that. That post was in my head 😦

  3. As I say you always look calm and composed and that is something your kids will appreciate in you! Life is definitely a juggling act but like someone at work was telling me today having them close together has more pros e.g.they have same school pick up times and drop offs and similar activities :P, you’re getting it all out of the way sooner! The only con Is that these few years will just fly by as you will be so busy managing them both.

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