Mum of One no more

I changed the title of my blog from Mum of One to Project Motherhood. This is to better reflect the state of my life.

I thought becoming a mum – the physical act of it – was the biggest change but it’s the journey that is the most transforming. As in, it transformed me.


1. It transformed me from someone who cleaned her house once a month in a big way to someone who cleans her house (in a big way) couple of times a day.

2. I now consider the biggest moment of the century to be the time when Baby gave me a kiss for the first time without being asked. We were just playing and she suddenly put her lips up against my cheek and went “eeemmmma”. Obama being elected was big as well of course just not in the same league if you know what I mean.

3. My idea of fun is lying on the living room floor reading out random words in colourful books. Yes, in reference to earlier point, I actually spend one on one time with a 1-year-old who is highly disdainful of any language other than her own. So if you can’t understand her, suck it up.

4. My singing repetoire in the shower includes “Old McDonald had a Farm” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

5. My world does not seem to centre around eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I’ll sleep When I’m Dead as Bon Jovi said. Give me screaming babies for now 🙂

6. Love Foxtel IQ coz when Baby comes home with a sniffle I just merrily press away on “Record” while going over the show listings for the week.


I have my adult moments. This I cherish and I will no matter how many babies I have.

I actually enjoy reading and I somehow find the time no matter where it is that I actually do the reading. (Mostly this activity has been resigned to when I get the odd chance to go the loo without Baby in tow)

I enjoy writing and again I find the time somehow to do it. Although a quick perusal of blog entries will tell you that this particular adult past time has suffered greatly this year.

I love movies. AAhhh! I believe I got this from my mum, now that I think about it. She told me once that in college, she used to go to movies every single Friday. On second thoughts, she may even have said everyday. I think that has passed on into my genes. I lurrrve my movies. Give me any movie. Hollywood-style romance, action, foreign – especially foreign movies. It really transports me and however tired I am, I could always watch a movie.

Ok. Why amd I writing this. I think I’m just re-affirming a Sense of Me because otherwise I think I may just disappear.


One response to “Mum of One no more

  1. We do disappear for a bit after we have kids but then ultimately we do get it back. Ofcourse life is not exactly as it was before they came along but it makes us make better use of our time. In your case the close gap might make u feel that your life is still chaotic but it will change. In the meanwhile for now definitely keep writing and reading when you get a chance and try for (a minimum) of one movie a week 😀

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