Walking on knees

I’ve been reading a number of websites on the topic of walking.

Apparently most babies walk between the age of 12-15 months.  Seems like Baby has not got this memo because her idea of walking involves “kneeing it” if you know what I mean. She walks alright, all over the house all the time on her knees. Friends are letting us borrow their walkers and other walk-encouraging toys because their babies (about the same age as Baby) have started walking and they don’t need it any more.

As you can see, 12-15 months an average. Met a guy at the Maccas play area the other day and he said his son did not start walking till he was 19 months.

So maybe it’s all good.

But honestly, I have not seen any other Baby walking around on her/his knees the way Baby does.


3 responses to “Walking on knees

  1. My grand daughter was a yaer old may 16th and a month before that she was standing while holding onto table and she was walking that way.
    So I was sure shed be walking before or at least by here first birthday but she hasnt and it’s been 4 1/2 monthes sine then.
    So she is now almost 17 monthes old now.
    all of my kid 4 of them pretty much took off running on or before there 1st birthday same with my mother in laws kid actually every jid ive known was walking at at least the 12th month.. could it be medical problem

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