Things that make Baby go Aaahhh

And after that Aaah! I am sure to get some Me-time


The things she does with it includes tearing it into little tiny bits so that I need to bring out the vaccum cleaner ( another thing that makes her go aaah!), wiping the floor, her shoes, the carpet and any other surface that she can get her hands on, including books, stuffing the same bits of tissue into her shoe, taking it out and putting in back in over and over and over again.


2 responses to “Things that make Baby go Aaahhh

  1. TK,
    So nice to read about your doings. Yes, I know we are FB friends & otherwise friends but sometimes it’s nice to read that all is well with your world 🙂

    Love Ya wouldn’t want to be YA!!! hahahahwhhhahahahahahah

  2. Thanks Me. It’s a tough career choice to be a mum. I say choice because when you have a whinge, people say… But didn’t you like, want it?
    Hmmm… yes but in an Angelina Jolie kind of way 😀

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