Day out, book bought


The Book, the coffee and I

Well… it was not so much a day out as a day out of the house.

One of the hazards of running your own business — irrespective of how much they bang on about being your own boss — is that you rarely get a zone where you can be completely free of the concerns of business. Rather like having a baby. So between a business that my husband runs full-time and a baby that I run after full-time, the Suresh family does not get out much. This is not to say we don’t spend time together, in fact, we are rarely out of each others’ faces.

So, when we got a Sunday free, we decided to head off for an outing into the city. Yay!!! Oh to do some quality people-watching, have a street full of fantastic restaurants to choose from (we went to Lygon Street, Carlton here in lovely Melbourne) and to do some very very comforting window shopping. My husband said he had discovered this fantastic place where there were heaps of CDs (for him), books (for me) and toys and baby books (well… for Baby). Yay again!! Enough to keep everyone busy.

The day started off on a good note when Baby obliged by going to bed at 7 pm the night before and sleeping till 7 am. So that’s crankiness due to lack of sleep under control. Then she continued to be the most well-behaved Baby by sitting in her pram and enjoying the surrounds which got us a bit ambitious and we ducked into a restaurant that did not have high chairs. Yes! It was a real restaurant not a food court.

And wonder of wonders, Baby continued to behave as she sat in her chair talking (gibberish) to us as she steadily gobbled her way through her lunch!!! what!!! Where is the Real Baby?

Oh! maybe I spoke too soon because She surfaced right after I had polished off all the mash and the humungous osso busco on my plate and Husband had polished off his chargrilled calamari from his… each of us helped the other of course. We even managed to have pre-lunch drinks and a fairly adult conversation….about how we should do this again.

Anyway, with Baby patience worn out, we decided head off for a change of scene to this fantastic place that my husband had “discovered” — which happened to be Borders. I was not one to complain when I did not have to worry full-time about Baby.

I ran and ducked behind the shelving “to browse” but mostly to just hide so Husband would not see me if Baby were to start rioting. But Baby went back to her abnormal self for the day and continued to sit quietly in her pram and when she did get a bit fidgety, Husband shoved a colourful, sequened and pink book in her face and she was content. Except that she started reading aloud from each page but mostly to herself so no one was hurt in the process.

The Day ended well with her sleeping in the car on the way back.

It turned out to be a day for abnormalities as I could actually not choose a single book to buy! That is a big one for me. So after Husband had paid, I decided that I should get something. I mean walking out of a book store empty handed did not seem right… especially since I had not been inside one for any length of time for a long time.

So. I bought a book. And what book did I buy?One that I would never ever have thought of buying. But I bought it anyway (and even started that sentence with But which I hate to do…old-school hang-ups).

So that up there is a picture of the book. I do not mean to advertise it. The only reason I picked up this book is because it was written by a journalist who took off from full-time employment when her second child was born and then went on to have a third child before she went back to part time employment. Saw all the parallels there with me except for the third child of course.

But (again,) I read this one line in it that said something along the lines of you trip along through your life doing what you want and suddenly when you become family you are supposed to be there for everything, wipe every snotty nose, change every single nappy, put the bins out, cook every meal, wash and fold every piece of laundry and maybe do some work outside the house on the side and no one gives you a medal because you are just supposed to be doing all that anyway. Now that rang a bell…. and the word survival in the title appealed to me as well.

So here I am, actually finding it quite worthwhile having bought it, if nothing else, for the empathy factor.

So let me get back to my coffee and book now that Baby is in childcare and my chores are done for the day. I think I have exactly 20 mins before I need to switch back into mummy-mode.


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