Child care gets easier… for me

It is true.

I’ve heard parents recount how hard it is to leave a child behind when their yells (and I mean LOUD yells here) follow the parent all the way to the carpark. And also about how much easier it gets, for both parties, as time goes by.

I feel I have reached a crossroads of kinds. It’s only the second week and if that makes me a heartless mum so be it.

The first time, I was such a nervous wreck I nearly lost my way home. This week though, I went in with ammunition. Gave Baby her travelling teddy (one that she always clings onto in the car), left her her favourite stereo toy and extra food in case she refused the unfamiliar food served there.

It also helped that her cry was somewhat different this time. She cried but it was not the kind of uncontrollable screams from the first day when she probably thought she would never ever see me again. It was more like she was saying: “Mum, if I look at you with these tear-filled eyes and cry like this, will you take me along and not leave me here?”

Although I still got choked up on my way back, I found that I was able to run a few errands before I headed home and found that, strangely enough, I did not want to call every hour to check on her. It also helped that there were only four other settled kids at the centre which meant that she would probably get a lot of attention this morning.

Fingers crossed, nap-time will go well.

It’s like having a baby. People can warn you about how tough it’s going to be but nothing actually prepares you for it till the bub lands in your arms.

Such is life.


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