Teeny-boppers and me

There can be a relationship.

I must say I never gave them a second glance or thought, but now I find that I watch them very closely. why? because I have a baby now and when you become a  parent, everyone get divided into “Oh! I hope Baby is like him/her” or “I hope Baby won’t grow up like him/her”. So teeny boppers hold a profound fascination for me because they are so young, malleable and eager to please. And so desperately in need of parenting, guidance, reassurance and support.

According the Wikipedia, the term teenybopper was invented by marketing professionals and psychologists to describe a young teenager, particularly a girl, who follows adolescent trends in music, fashion and culture.

According to some sources, the subculture is exclusive to females, not allowing male entry. As a subculture, it is a “retreat and preparation”, allowing girls to relate to their peers and “practice in the secrecy of girl culture the rituals of courtship away from the eye of male ridicule”, also having no risks of standing out or personal humiliation, and serving as a retreat to avoid being labeled sexually.

So when I thought of all that Baby has yet to go through, teething pains (literally) will seem like a walk in the palk, picnic on Sesame street. Poor Baby.

Ok. so that was one reason.

Another reason I got misty-eyed was on a more positive note. I thought the earlier one was a positive note but I realised towards the end that maybe it was not so.

Anybop, the other reason is that there were a lot of mums there escorting groups of these young girls and I could not help thinking of myself as a mum 13-14 years on. Being the mother hen to all these young hopefuls. I say hopeful because they are always so hopeful. Of life, love and living.

Well… I just thought of being there for Baby then. I hope I am and I got all misty-eyed about it.

This was a bit ofa ramble but then I was not too clear in my head how I would say what I wanted to but had to seize the chance to write as Baby slept.


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