Mum’s night out

I did it! It’s the big one. I went out all by myself. No Baby, no hubby, not even married people … or parents.

This was the big one. It was the Taylor Swift concert. To those who ask why? I say why not. What better way to break out than with a celebration of high school life.

Like any big event in one’s life, the lead up was so utterly disappointing that I almost cancelled. Everything that should have gone according to plan, did not but it worked out good anyway. Or maybe I need to go out more.

Anyway, Baby woke up too early. Did not nap long enough in the morning. Skipped her afternoon nap altogether. And was so cranky and clingy I thought of going to the venue, selling the tickets and rushing back. When Hubby asked irritatedly what the hell was I thinking when I bought the tickets, I thought I would try my best to make this work. I mean I had to start somewhere.

Weather did not hold up. It absolutely poured all evening. However, in its (the weather’s) defence it was warm so by the time the concert ended, it was cool in a sort of tropical way.

Then things started to work out. I tried to feed Baby just to see how things would go and she surprised me by eating, willingly, almost an entire pumpkin. Ok. I exaggerate but she ate a lot ok. I thought I would push for an early bedtime and see if I could get out of the house with Baby asleep which would definitely be better for my peace of mind. Initially, I thought I would leave early and get hubby to do dinner/bath/sleep routine. She loved her bath so that went off well. And in five minutes, she was dead to the world!! Yay!

I made a dash for the car and called my friend to let her know I was leaving and would reach in half an hour. Things were looking up.

But then there would not be a struggle again to decide whether to go for the concert or not now, would there?

On a Thursday night, I was not expecting traffic in the city. Obviously, I need to get out more. I managed to cover 10 kilometers in a little over half an hour. And this was on the freeway. So they I could not meet my friend at her house as planned and I could not drive straight to the venue because there would not be parking. So I decided to park at the station close to my friend’s place (which was Hawkesburn) and take a train to Richmond which was the second stop.

What a mad plan. But there was no Plan B. Not with the rain. Not without an umbrella. yes! I had to forget to take the  umbrella from Baby’s car…which is what I drive all the time and which is stocked with anything I may ever need was I ever to be stranded.

Anyrain, I found parking easily. Not too far from the station and walked in the rain to buy a ticket. Thankfully, there was a train in 10 minutes. hey! it could have been half an hour. In my book, this was one of the better things to happen that night.

So then I reached Richmond without incident. However, the rain really started bucketing down. I hesistated for about half a minute and saw a few people braving the rain without umbrellas and decided to make a go of the 10 minute walk to the stadium.

I got there…not too badly dreched right in time to see Taylor Swift starting her programme. It was like she was waiting for me! Tee hee hee.

Anyway, one fantastic concert later, I was all misty eyes seeing all the teeny boppers. Why? I will save that for my next post because this one is long enough.

I got home about 12, a good 6 hours without Baby. I was not obsessively texting to find out about Baby. So I only knew that she had woken up once about quarter past 11. When I reached home at 12 though, there seemed to have been some sort of showdown because hubby handed me a snotty nosed Baby and promptly switched off light and went to sleep. I dropped my bad where I stood and took over position of Mum again. It was a sweet and heart-warming moment…. as tiring as it sounds to non-parents.

Baby lay her head on my shoulder and it was like both of us had come home.


2 responses to “Mum’s night out

  1. Loved reading this, looking forward to reading more about your concert experience and the why the teenyboppers made you misty eyed and whether Taylor was worth all the trouble

  2. It’s always tough leaving your baby behind to get some “alone” time. The first few times, I was a wreck, making frequent calls to find out if he was okay, checking my time, and not really enjoying myself.
    Now I know, I need this “ME” time! It’s good for me, and it’s good for my baby:)

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