True Love?

Yesterday Baby went down like an angel at 7 pm and slept almost through to 12 am. A fantastic night considering she has been really jittery the entire week. Maybe this is a good sign.

Anyway, when she went to sleep at 7, I had no idea howlong she would sleep so I quickly did my usually now-nightly ritual of clearning up the house so I could start afresh each morning.

Of all the bits and pieces I picked up, one was a t-shirt of Baby’s that had been left on the floor for a day. What I did next came to me so naturally that I did not think much of it at the time. I picked up the tiny garment and inhaled it’s scent deeply. I know. That was strange. However, still not thinking much about it, I was taking it to the laundry basket when I met my husband on the way. I smiled and held up the t-shirt. Wonder of wonders. He took it from me and held it to his nose!

I thought of a friend of mine who told me that you don’t know real love till you’ve had a child. I had dismissed it as ramblings of an indulgent mum at the time. But now, I think I know what she meant.


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