Nappy change struggle

Baby just hates changing her nappy. I don’t get it.

So I turned to that Bible For All Seasons/Reasons. Google. Apparently it’s a common problem. On one forum a mum said her doctor asked her if her daughter was struggling during nappy change. When she said yes, the doctor just said “Good, that means she is on track developmentally.” Itwas not much help but the point was that it’s a phase that babies go through.

So Baby is definitely “on track developmentally” because she does not give me the time of day during nappy change.

Some mums, sorry most, just resort to the age-old trick of distraction during nappy change. One mom gave her son stickers during nappy change so that it became sticker time. Other moms gave their favourite toys.

If the child is older, as in like a toddler, moms reported showering them with extra praise when they were good resulted in good behaviour during nappy changes.

Showering Baby with praise does not work at the moment. She just thinks it’s a game. However, changing locations has improved the situation. I used t change her on top of a chest of drawers. Now I change her on the bed. This has really made a difference which leads to me think that it could be the hard surface that is getting too much for Baby.

Will see how the week pans out but I think I have hit on the solution.


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