Australia Day

What does Australia Day mean for a 7-month old?

Not much really. But we had to make a big deal of it. We went to a friend’s place for lunch and then the plan was to spend the rest of the day with Baby’s cousin and uncle. However, they changed plans and had to be elsewhere. So we decided that we had to end the day on a positive note… we can’t tell Baby: “On your first Australia Day, we were stood up by your cousin and uncle.”

So we headed down to Werribee South foreshore. We thought we would watch the sunset and head back but ended up staying longer. Listened to a local band playing by the shore. It was a fantastic evening and because I’m hardpressed or time and words to describe it, I’ve added a picture here. So that’s thousand words on it right there.

It was Baby’s bedtime when we set out for Werribee South and by the time we reached there, she was fast asleep. So we sat there in the car, listening to Norah Jones and watching the sunset…which was fantastic by the way. The photo does nothing to show how fantastic it was.

Anyway, something woke Baby up and we decided to put her in her pram and we walked around for a bit and listened to some music. Families had gathered to watch a movie they were to screen later in the evening. I wanted to watch the movie very badly. I’ve always tried to catch an outdoor movie and have not managed to do that yet.

Anymovie, this was another failure on that front. Baby got troublesome…it was two hours past her bedtime. We bundled her up and headed back.

Very uneventful.

But eventful.

Hard to describe… it’s a family thing I guess.


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