Crying it out Sleep solution

Baby coming into my life has signalled a major shift. Nothing has been more significant than the shift in sleep patterns. In the first couple of months, this involved getting up every two hours to breastfeed baby. It was a while before I could express and keep in a bottle. This, however, had related problems as I had to sterilise the bottles, warm up the milk, keep it cool etc. All this did not make sense if I was the one doing it everytime. Let’s face it, it was just simpler to hitch up my PJs without leaving my bed. And yes. I co-slept. Still do through most of the night. And don’t intend to change it.

Anyway, this leads to the sleep solution. As a breastfed baby, she needs to wake up oftener than formula-fed babies or so I’m told. She sleeps a block of five hours on any given night and then in blocks of three. I was told/have read that babies should sleep about 12 hours uninterrupted when they hit the six-month mark.

This is just not going to happen with Baby. She is a good baby. Not a lot of trouble. Smiles constantly. Plays by herself. She is comfortable in company and actually tries to communicate with other babies (in her own way).

But if her (night) sleep habits are described to certain sections, she would not be considered a good baby at all. I don’t mind that I have to wake up couple of times a night to feed her. She goes straight back to sleep. I don’t have to leave the house to work. So I think I can do this much for her.

I believe in what my grandmom said. Treat them like a King (or Queen) till they are 2.

Like a slave till they are 16.

And from 16 on, treat them like you would your friend.

So Baby is the Queen of this castle for a couple more months. What she says goes. If she cries,  I will pick her up. If she can’t sleep, I will sing or rock her to sleep. If she cannot sleep on the cot, she can always sleep in my bed. If she is hungry, I will feed her. If she does not like baby food, she need not have it.

As long as she is gaining weight, is developing normally and is happy, I don’t see myself doing anything wrong.


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