Baby and food don’t really mix do they? I thought I had crossed such a big milestone when Baby had three teaspoons of mashed up rice. I was excited enough to go and buy her a high chair. I started fantasising about the days that Baby and I could sit together at a table and have similar food.

However, with the start of solids, I’ve just embarked on a very troublesome journey of cooking two kinds of meals. One for baby and one for the others in the household.

Something is always on the boil, in the oven, in the microwave (not often) or in the mixie (processor) for Baby. Most of the time, she eats two teaspoons before clamping her lips shut.

I keep wondering if Baby is getting enough food. I know mine is not a unique worry. Every mother obsesses about food for the children almost 24/7.

However, one doctor gave me the best advice.

Babies do not go hungry. Yes. They have a very powerful way of getting food.

They just cry endlessly.

And that is one effective method.


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