A better person

Once Baby and I had settled into a comfortable rhythm with each other, I found that being a parent was all about trying to be a better person. That is why there are no perfect parents.

I have so many traits I don’t want Baby to have, or see or experience. Ok, not that many, but a fair few. I find that the only way to not pass it on is to not indulge in them (feelings, actions or whatever they be).

First one is that I have a serious problem with asking for help. I just cannot ask for help. I was brought up to believe that this was actually a good thing which, in the long run, made the problem worse.

Now I’d rather struggle and literally break my back than, let’s say, ask someone to hold baby while I shut the door/tie my shoe lace/make the bed/sweep the floor/wash the dishes. I would really like to change this attribute.

While I’m listing my bad qualities, I should also, at the same time, list a good quality so that I don’t bring myself down with my self-criticism.

I am quite good at looking after Baby now. I was reading a blog on one of those parenting websites and it really rang true with me.

I’m not sure if this link will show up but it says that mums are superheroes. Anyway, there is one line that says I can settle a crying baby with a look and make that calm baby smile with a smile. This is so true in the case of Baby and I. I remember a time when it was not the case and with practice, patience and perserverence I’ve really come to know Baby better. And the effort was so worth it.


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