Ooh la la la!

Baby goes to sleep listening to two songs. I hold her and “dance” to two songs. This is her sleep routine. If she is not asleep at the end of it, then she is not going to sleep for a long, long time. Everyone who can give advice has been saying that this is very bad and Baby will get into the habit of sleeping only that way and then later when I am old I will have trouble with my back and then I won’t be able to walk and my life will be ruined.

I have conveniently ignored this piece of advice because as I said if she is not asleep at the end of that second song, I change tactics. And besides, she is such a trouble-free baby, that I feel bad if I don’t sacrifice a little bit for her.

While we are at it, please keep those nursery rhymes for the babies. This Baby is into seriously grown-up songs, Thank you please.

Anychorus, at the end of this particular song, there comes a part that goes la la la lalalalala la la la and that seems to be babies first absorbed word! Not only is it her first word, she has linked La la la to general-well being. So when she is lying on the floor, content and full and she is done gurgling and coo-ing. She will launch into her version of la la la.

So maybe she is going to be a singer.

I know Dad is going to be super-pleased if that happens.

Moral of the story is, baby actually learnt something from me “dancing” her to sleep.


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