Baby is big

I’ve put off starting solids for long enough.

Breastfeeding her has been so incredibly convenient (especially through my six-week holiday filled with road-trips) that I actually forgot that there would be a time when she would have to start eating real food.

So when the maternal and child health nurse said that Baby was not sleeping through the night because she kept getting hungry, I realised that it was probably time for Baby to start on some solids.

The first taste of boiled and pulped carrots was totally offensive to Baby (judging by her expression) and after tasting it, I agreed with her. I gave her some store-bought mashed veggies which tasted slightly better. But then, had second thoughts about it and went back to home-made mush.

What they don’t tell you about babies starting solids is that their poo starts to smell. And I mean a serious stink. While Baby was on breastmilk, her poo was very non-offensive, almost sweet smelling. But boy! has that story changed.

Anyway, my baby has become big. Although pulped carrots are still not her idea of a good meal, she is getting the idea that there is more to food than snuggling up with Mum.

Sob! sob!


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