Religion and Ethics

I was talking to my friend the other day and we got to discussing religion. She had just discovered that I was Catholic. I suppose that shows what a lousy Catholic I am. Cathlics are pretty conspicuous. Whether it be the rosary in the car, the cross around the neck, the Sunday church attendances etc.

Anyway, then she said that she had a niece who had a fantastic set of morals and ethics but had no concept of religion.

I found myself thinking (and saying): ‘I hope Baby grows up like that.’ I mean with those fantastic set of principles which are not necessarily linked to any one religion.

I don’t think I would be a very good role model in teaching her how to be a good Catholic. Not least because I’m not a hundrend per cent convinced about all of its rules, restrictions, principles and laws.

I would rather she was a good person than a half baked Catholic.

Or a fully baked Catholic.


One response to “Religion and Ethics

  1. these are just one of the many identities we have created for ourselves. for example, she can be an Australia, an Indian Australian, a malu, a catholic, a syrian christian, a hindu christian, a person of Indian origin, a male, a female, a rapper, a rocker….anything. don’t worry too much about it. let her just hang around, enjoy the birds sing and the sun shine and the moon shine 😉

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