I pierced her ears

It was a very very traumatic experience. It need not have been like that. A lot of things went wrong. However, I never had any doubt that I would pierce her ears.

In fact, I was getting a bit worried that everytime Baby was not dressed in pink, people kept asking how old He was.

There were three options for me here in tropical paradise. One was the thattaan or the local goldsmith. Some people swear by them. Apparently, they know their craft, know how a earring should hang and the exact spot where the hole should be. They use some sort of thorn, usually from a lime, to make the hole. Once it’s healed, the gold earrig can go in after the thorn is taken out.

Although I’m all for natural remedies, I just could not let baby go through that because everyone agreed that it would hurt.

The second option is the Gunshot. I’ve had one of these. The pain was minimal. Sort of like someone pinching your ear. It could be done at any one of the myriad jewellery stores and it would be quick, not very painful and easy. The earring would go in with the Shot.

While it was lower on the pain scale, I decided to go for the third option.

Third option was the hospital. They put a cream on Baby’s ear which numbs it. They then prick the ear and put in the earring. That seemed the best option. No pain, earrings gained.

But things went horribly wrong.

For one, by the time we got to the hospital, Baby was tired. However, just before we put the ointment, she fell asleep so that was good. When time came to pierce her ears, she woke up but things were still alright. They asked me to lay her out on a bed so they could get to the ears. Baby was a bit puzzled but decided to go along with it.

Then they asked me to leave the room.

Big mistake.

Anyway, Baby panicked when I left and set up a wailing. It was not too bad but things went steadily downhill from there. The nurses could not find someone or something and Baby was kept waiting and waiting and waiting. All the time her cries became louder and louder till she was so hoarse she could hardly cry.

All the time, I was forced to wait outside the room.

It Was Horrible.

Next time, I’m going for the gunshot.

Has anyone had a bad experience with that?


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