Travelling with an infant

I say travelling with an infant but I mean travelling with an infant — very small infant, overseas and alone.

I have come out stronger for the experience and all the surfing (I personally prefer the term trawling) I did. It did help. I cannot mention the sites that came up Google, but there were some really good ones. I came to the conclusion that all that can be said by way of advice has been said.

Take It Easy. It Will Be Easier Than You Think. Forget Routines. Accept Help. Ask For This Or That Seat. Breatfeed/feed During Take Off/Landing. Walk Up and Down. Use Babybjorn.

I did all of the above.

They are effective.

It works.

I actually found the journey to be fairly stress-free. Found fellow passengers to be helpful except for the guy who sat right next to me. (In his defence, Baby decided to treat him as her personal object-for-entertainment which meant he was kicked everytime Baby decided to move.) Not a fun trip for him.

I am going to write a whole post (it will be a long one) on this journey. Lest I forget.


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