A random group of mothers

That is the only way to describe my mother’s group. We are totally random. One is an executive secretary, one is a park ranger and another works in a call centre. The only thing we have in common is that we all have children under the age of 6 months. Oh! and we are first-time moms.

And who thought that could form such a bond. In such a short time.

The first time I went to my mother’s group, I was totally overwhelmed. All I could see were super-efficient moms. I was so overwhelmed that one time when Baby cried and cried and refused to be settled, I walked out and never went back. Till today that is.

I plucked up the courage a couple of weeks back to call the maternal and child health nurse and ask her for details of the mums so I could get back in touch with them. And that is how I came to have lunch with this group of mums…who had all known each other for about 8 weeks by the time I caught up. But they were super nice but more importantly, Baby was super nice, smiling like a cherub at every one who cared to look her way and even laughing with glee. ( I think she thought she was the reason we had all met up).

So the thing with this mother’s group is that I seem to be the only Indian in the group. There were initially two other Indian moms but I don’t know if they are regulars at these meetings. It does not bother me as much as I thought it would. I find refer to my first post about the mother’s club and I find that it transcends a lot of barriers.

I’m glad I made the effort to meet them again.

Because it will be six weeks before I meet them again

Because I’m going to India this week, for six weeks.

I’m interested to hear about other experiences of Mum’s group. I mean all you lurkers..I’m sure there are first time mums out thre.


2 responses to “A random group of mothers

  1. Its great you finally went back ! I feel these bonds we create will last forever 🙂

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