Nap time struggle

There are all kinds of advice for parents about how to put their babies to sleep. The most laughable one in my book is the one where they say put your drowsy baby in the cot so they can put themselves to sleep!

This has never happened to Baby! I doubt it will. She is good at putting herself to sleep if she wakes up and realises there is no one around to play with her. But if I were to put her in her cot and stand by singing/humming/rocking the bassinette, I’m guaranteed to have a very playfull baby in minutes.

I’m resigned to rocking baby to sleep. I put her in the Baby Bjorn or I swaddle her and rock her to inane music for about 20 minutes, she falls asleep.

Sometimes, she falls asleep in my arms if I’m holding her and talking to someone. I think the hum of conversation works just as well as a lullaby for her.

To make my parenting seem fancy

I’m just going to tell people

That I’m into attachment parenting.


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