That is one ugly baby!

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This is apparently a true story.

Ever since I thought about getting got pregnant, I’ve been trawling the internet for relevent websites and forums. So I’ve read my share of awful as well as thoughtful articles.

On one of the lesser known forums, a man claims that a four-year-old overheard his parents discussing the aesthetics of the baby next in line and went upto the mother of the said baby and exclaimed: “Man, that is one ugly baby!”

If I know anything, it’s that there is only one Most Beautiful Baby in the World and every mother has it. Even with knowing that and not being a particularly baby person, I have never in my life thought of any baby as ugly. Even the loudest, screamiest, rashiest, smelliest baby is still always …hmm..I’m trying to avoid the word cute here… but what the hell… cute. All babies are cute! There I’ve said it.

Now how could anyone say a baby is ugly???!!

In this story, the offending partner turned and said: “Would you look at that baby?” and the partner replied: “How can you go out in public with that?”

Who would talk like that?

Even if it is an aside?

When a four-year-old is listening???

(Header and picture used in conjuction solely for shock value)


6 responses to “That is one ugly baby!

  1. C’mon really ? You’ve never seen a less than pretty baby?
    Come on!
    I’ve seen my share – bless their cherubic hearts but they were … Ahem not … cute

    perhaps we move in aesthetically different circles. 🙂

  2. I agree! I think all kids are cute, irrespective of where they come from, whether they are naughty, well behaved, dirty, well dressed…! I also find them very interesting, coz they haven’t yet been moulded to have certain pre-set ideas. Having said that, yes, I did think my own child was the most beautiful!:))guilty of that too!!:D

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