Movie with Baby?


My mother’s group consists of very brave women… about 8 of them and two with twins.

I just don’t know how to work this. I mean they all agreed to meet at 11 at the ticket booth of the local cinema. I could have walked there with the pram so I said yes. Did not think too much of it.

Well, seems Baby did not think too much of the idea either. She just slept all the way through from 8:30 am till 12 pm.

I don’t care what the experts say but I, for one, am NOT going to wake up a sleeping baby. No Matter What. So, missed Mao‘s Last Dancer …. which, by the way, seemed to be just the kind of movie I would have liked to watch. A politically-charged tear-jerker where good and bad are all black and white.

Or so it seemed on the trailer

Obvioulsy I won’t know

Thank God for DVDs!

(Just a note here about these movie sessions. They are fantastic! So good that they rate a post all to themselves. I will hold off comment on them till later.)


One response to “Movie with Baby?

  1. We haven’t seen too many films in the theatre since Adiv was born. We tried a few times. He first time he was interested. He sat up and watched the entire film. After that the novelty died down and he preferred walking around outside. So one of us had to walk with him. now we wait for DVDs, and watch them when he is sleeping:)

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