Gentle as a Mother’s Touch????!!!

I saw an ad while surfing a parenting website. The tag line was Gentle as a Mother’s Touch and it really made me snigger.

I snigger for good reason. I had just finished reading a blog which detailed a mother’s clumsiness — which included banging her baby’s head into the wall while turning a corner, scratching her Baby with her not-too-long-nails, pouring too-hot water on her baby during bathtime AND spilling tea on her baby. All accidents, all too common.

Gentle as a new mom‘s touch would be more accurate. When Baby was first born, I was scared to pick her up thinking I might bruise her but within a fortnight or so, I was holding her so “confidently” I was getting disapproving stares!

The saying ought to be changed…

..or maybe modified to…

Sure as a Mother’s Touch


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