Is TV the best baby-sitter?

So after reading this, I’m a bit uncomfortable about all the times that I left Baby in front of TV on her rocker so I could do the dishes/make dinner/make phone calls/check mail.

I know for a fact that Baby get mesmerised by the television. She won’t move her arms and legs, look around her or attempt to roll over when she has her eyes on the TV. That in itself should be proof that watching TV, while really young, can stunt development.

But where do you draw the line. There are so many ‘don’ts’ for parents, when can you say Yes and Not Feel Guilty. Someone should write a book called Guilt and Parenting.  I mean every parent, if pushed, will say that they have done the ‘don’ts’ that society or institutions have advised.

For example, leaving a child alone in a car while rushing out to get something. I have not done that yet but at four-months, I have already contemplated it. With just one child, I have been thinking about it. What if there were two and my partner was not readily available to watch Baby or Babies for that short span of time it takes to jump of the car to get milk or bread.

Another example would be leaving children unattended. It does not take long for children to get up to mischief. You can watch them all day like a hawk and it will be when you turn around to sneeze that they get upto something.

So, while I know that television is back for Baby and while I will try my best to find other ways of distracting her, I’m afriad I will be falling back on television to be that babysitter.

The one I don’t have to plan ahead for.

The one I don’t have to pay.

The one that keeps Baby quiet.


4 responses to “Is TV the best baby-sitter?

  1. Tv is not an option, especially when you know there are side effects. The best thing is to forget about your tv and not worry about using it as a tool to distract your baby. It’s easier said than done, but looks like TV is only an easier way out with too many bad consequences.

  2. God, its a tough one. We’ve had an argument coz of the issue. The man likes to put the babe in front of the TV so he doesnt have to distract him, while he works or does facebook-ing. Hes only done this once that I know off and I was pissed. I havent read much into it and I am sure there are side effects from letting the babies be exposed to these moving objects this earlier on, but it would be hard to manage them all the freaking time AND do much needed housework too ! I can say I wouldnt use TV to distract my baby, but its only coz I have MIL here too and I dont HAVE To do everything else in the house – coz it can wait till the weekend or for a few weeks, even when the sink is full of dishes.

  3. @Siddharth Suresh:: you nailed it. It is the easier option. Easy is always good in my book 🙂 Want a copy? of thatbook i mean.

    @neha:: again. Easy is what wins the day. You do your best and hope for the best 😉

    @bouree :: I had read that story. And in spite of that I find myself wanting to buy Baby all kinds of stuf that she really Really Does Not Need. Baby is happy wrapped up in a warm blanket with a muslin cloth for a toy.

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