Kids on a Plane!

I read about kids on a plane here recently.

I admit I was going to make such a trip.  A long one. It got cancelled due to a series of unfortunate events.

Then I realised I was probably doing it more to tell myself that I had crossed a milestone of some sort and it had nothing to do with Baby. But then again, almost all my friends have travelled back to India with infants. Sometimes with an infant and another child. Not much of an adventure but just a trip that needs to be made.

But I suppose the two are easily distinguished. One is necessary and the other is by choice.

Whenever Baby started wailing, we used to tell ourselves.. Be calm. What would you do if this was an airport. Or if you were standing in line. Or if it was on the plane, with all the passengers sleeping. What then. What if.

Since we decided to cancel this Long Trip, I think we’ve been more relaxed with Baby. Now when her shrill cry bursts out in glee, we think “Ohh! Let her make all the noise she wants. It’s not like she has to be disciplined to stay quiet on a 14-hour flight.” And life seems that much easier to handle.


We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

We never thought we would cancel the trip

So maybe it will be back on our schedule again.


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